Strength testing

  • 靜態強度試驗架設圖
  • A1試驗曲線圖
  • A2試驗曲線圖
  • A3試驗曲線圖

Durability testing

Normal Temperature
  • 常溫耐久架設圖
  • 常溫耐久實驗後狀況圖
Under +75C Temperature
  • 高溫(75℃)耐久架設圖
  • 高溫(75℃)耐久實驗後狀況圖
Under -40C Temperature
  • 低溫(-40℃)耐久架設圖
  • 低溫(-40℃)耐久實驗後狀況圖

SGS HU SHAN Factory Audit Report

Products Liability Insurance

We offer all of our customers this insurance.
(If you want this Certificate of Insurance, please email us)

  • Name of Ins. Co : Chatis Taiwan Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Polity No. : 0330002957/000000
  • Coverage : Product Liability Insurance
  • Type of Polity : Occurrence Form
  • Policy Period : From May 01, 2012 to May 01, 2015
  • Limits of Liability : USD500,000 Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury & Property Damage
  • Products : Door Handle and Window Regulator

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